Postdoc positions available at CNR Institute of Nanotechnology Lecce. Project TITAN: Nanotechnology for cancer immunotherapy
Titan project will target Immunotherapy with genetically engineered T cells. Immunotherapy has achieved some spectacular success in clinical trials, but it is currently very expensive. This is partly due to the fact that it’s a highly personalized therapy and can’t be achieved by mass production…
Enhancement of Parametric Effects in Polariton Waveguides Induced by Dipolar Interactions
Exciton-polaritons are hybrid light-matter excitations arising from the nonperturbative coupling of a photonic mode and an excitonic resonance. Behaving as interacting photons, they show optical third-order nonlinearities providing effects such as optical parametric oscillation or amplification. It has been suggested that polariton-polariton interactions can be greatly enhanced by inducing aligned electric dipoles in their excitonic part. However, direct evidence of a true particle-particle interaction...
Recent advances in the design of inorganic and nano-clay particles for the treatment of brain disorders
Inorganic materials, in particular nanoclays and silica nanoparticles, have attracted enormous attention due to their versatile and tuneable properties, making them ideal candidates for a wide range of biomedical applications, such as drug delivery. This review aims at overviewing recent developments of inorganic nanoparticles employed for overcoming the blood brain barrier (BBB) in the treatment and therapy of major brain diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, glioma or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis....
Leveraging on ENZ Metamaterials to Achieve 2D and 3D Hyper‐Resolution in Two‐Photon Direct Laser Writing
A novel technique is developed to improve the resolution of two‐photon direct laser writing lithography. Thanks to the high collimation enabled by extraordinary εNZ (near‐zero) metamaterial features, ultrathin dielectric hyper‐resolute nanostructures are within reach. With respect to the standard direct laser writing approach, a size reduction of 89% and 50%, in height and width respectively, is achieved with the height of the structures adjustable between 5 and 50 nm...

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